M2 MORINGA. Quite Possibly The Tastiest and Healthiest Drink on The Planet.

About Us

Being on 9 Supplements a Day! Something had to Change.

Moringa extract has been proven to cure over 300 diseases from diabetes to arthritis and depression to anxiety. Scientific studies confirm what cultures dating back hundreds of years have always known and that is The Moringa Tree is also called The Miracle Tree for good reason. However there is one problem - it tastes very bitter in powder form.

After 5 years of research and development, two family members knew there must be an alternative to 'sneaking' powdered moringa into their kids meals and after all one of the founders was on multiple supplements every day for things ranging from hypertension, blood sugar issues and stress to chronic fatigue and anxiety. Her role before developing M2 Malunggay (Moringa) was 2 IC to McDonalds nationwide in the Philippines. Her mind and body were aging fast and stress levels were through the roof. After a month of trialing the new drink her doctor told her to throw away the supplements because whatever she was now on had literally normalized everything the supplements were intended to support which, as an interesting point, were only just doing but also had an adverse effect in as much the side effects were making her feel ill all the time.

Hanny and Zonito spent years perfecting the product which now sees it across all of the Mercury Chemists, Robinson shopping malls, Andok's and everywhere in between across the Philippines. Here in Australia, the benefits our customers are getting from this drink from 'The Miracle Tree' certainly back up the plant's nickname. Oh and one last thing - it's delicious!